80% Vegan and 20% Soul Food!!!!!

            The VegaSOUL Menu    


  • VegaSoul’s food items will feature CDB/ Cannabidiol Infused Seasonings and Sauces ordered at the customer’s request.  All sauces and seasonings and or toppings will be infused.

  • VegaSoul’s Menu will aim to introduce, educate and ultimately attract Vegans from all walks of life and stage in their Veganism.


The Ultimate Vegan (The "Strict" Vegetarian) No Meat! No Dairy!

The Golden Child (The Pescetarian) Stuck in between!! A Fish and Seafood lover.

The Rebel (Beginner to Healthier Food Options/ “Chicken! Chicken! ”) A MEAT LOVER with a Conscious! You just can’t let “MEAT” go yet, but are willing to try a healthier food option while “Elevating Your Senses”!   


The “Infusion” Concept  


**The three different “Flight” categories are as follows:


Business Class (Mild Body Euphoria-Health and Wellness) CBD


First Class (At an Elevated Status) INQUIRE $$

Astronaut Status (A Trip to the Unknown…Space!) INQUIRE $$$

space logo.JPG